Cheesesteak #3 Jim's Steaks

11:30 AM

On a Friday

Philadelphia, PA

I think I've found my favorite place in Philadelphia.

South Street.

It's home to some great nightlife, fun shops, and many of the buildings are covered with mosaics. Just walking there brightened up my day. It's like walking through an outdoor art exhibit.

As I neared my destination, I thought about how this cheesesteak quest is leading me around the city in a way I wasn't expecting. I find myself taking the long way to my destination, hoping to find some other new shop or historic street along the way. It's basically a self guided tour where, in the end, I get to eat a cheesesteak. 

Maybe all tours should end this way.


As I got to Jim's I was immediately taken in by both its external presence and interior details. Once you head through the doors, you know you're in a place where magical things are going to happen.

Grill orders are taken separately from other orders to speed up the process. Having a view of the grill while you wait really makes the experience that much more interesting.

No complaints about the view.

After receiving my cheesesteak I followed the signs toward the upstairs seating area. Careful not to disrupt my perfectly assembled meal, I maneuvered up the stairs and took a spot by the windows overlooking the intersection of South Street and 4th. Though, to be fair, I spent far more time looking at my tray than people watching.


But can you blame me?

I mean, really?

I don't think that it's fair that my food photographs better than most people...

- Rating -

So how does it rate?

The categories are:

  • Roll
  • Meat
  • Cheese
  • Onions
  • Team Effort (how it all works together)
  • Service (at the establishment)
  • Overall Value

A maximum of 5 points can be assigned to each category.

  • Roll - 4
    • A lovely, fresh roll. It had a bit of a hard time holding up to the volume of components included in this sandwich. Honestly, there are way worse things
  • Meat - 4
    • The meat was fantastic. And, of course, there was a good deal of it on this cheesesteak. It was well seasoned, well cooked, and was so moist it threatened the integrity of the bread
  • Cheese - 4.5
    • They've got this figured out. light spread of cheese on the bun allowed the juices from the meat to not overwhelm the bread. Then...oh then, they drizzled more cheese on top. It was literally a cheese sandwich. Incredible
  • Onions - 4
    • These onions were beautiful. While some pieces were a little large, they were well cooked and an excellent additional component to the meal
  • Team Effort - 4
    • A great team effort! The components worked well off each other and together composed a truly fantastic cheesesteak experience. A point was lost for the bread's inability to hold together under the weight/moisture of the other ingredients
  • Service - 5
    • Lovely. Just lovely. Everyone behind the counter seemed genuinely happy to be there and, at the very least, enjoyed each other's company. The upstairs seating area also had an employee available to swiftly clear tables. I imagine this is especially important as I expect they experience constant customer turnover
  • Value - 4.5
    • An excellent $10 cheesesteak. Truly a delightful meal that needed no additional components 


Other Elements of Note:

THIS IS A CASH ONLY ESTABLISHMENT. You've been warned. Plan ahead.

Another fantastic eatery that serves beer! Always a delight to see.

The upstairs walls are lined with signed notes and photos of celebrities who have eaten there, an array of pictures from Philadelphia, and a lovely neon sign. My favorite is a picture of a Ben Franklin impersonator looking at a cheesesteak like a male lead looks at his love interest in a Nicholas Spark's inspired movie. 

More information about Jim's Steaks can be found on their website, such as menu, hours, and other locations.

- Recap -

Jim's Steaks has set a new standard. They clearly know what they're doing and I firmly believe that food always tastes better when it's made by people who care.

I expect to return in the near future and maybe this time I'll actually do some people watching.